Are your Estate Agent’s photos good enough?

Getting the right pictures is essential to sell your property. Dark interiors, wonky walls, and cluttered rooms will not help you sell your property. Are your photographs good enough to sell your home?

Weather, weather, weather

You’re probably familiar with the expression “location, location, location” when buying a home. When it comes to property photography, its all about the weather. Exteriors need to photographed in good weather. If an Estate Agent tells you that they can replace a grey sky take this as a warning. Overcast days make a property exterior look dull and ugly, even if you change the sky.

When the sun shines it creates highlights and shadows. This gives an object form and makes it stand out. Overcast days offer very soft light which makes everything flat and low contrast. See a comparison below. Big difference right?

Time of day

The next most important variable for exterior property photos is the time of day. Every property will require a slightly different time of day to look its best. Generally speaking, an east-facing property should be photographed in the morning and a west-facing property in the afternoon. It’s actually a little more complicated than this but that’s the general rule.

Surely it doesn’t make that much of a difference you say? Well actually it really does. Firstly, if you photograph an east-facing property in the afternoon the front of the property will be in shadow and you won’t be able to see all of the lovely features at the front of the property. Secondly, the sun will be behind the property. Photographing toward the sun results in crappy, low contrast property images. Still don’t believe me? Check out the images below.


Vertical Lines

Another thing that I see so many get wrong is not levelling the camera properly which results in buildings looking like they are going to fall over. It’s a really simple fix but I see so many wonky properties and it’s really frustrating because it just shows whoever took the pictures did not take the time to get the image right. Would you prefer your property brochure to show your property wonky or would you like it to look straight as it does in real life? Let me know in the comments below.