What are the benefits of using a property photographer?

Photography and emotion

Choosing which property to buy is largely an emotional decision. Sure, you need to get the number of bedrooms right and the location but the rest is all down to ‘what feels right’. Perhaps you purchased your last property because of the views over the Helford or perhaps it was the large garden for hosting summer BBQ’s. Whatever the reason, it’s likely it was largely an emotional decision.

Story telling

Using photography to tell stories is an effective way to connect with the emotions of buyers. If your property overlooks the sea or an estuary then the story is the buyer wakes up to this view every morning.

If you have a large garden or balcony that’s perfect for BBQ’s then this needs to be the story you tell your potential buyers.

The reasons why you purchased the property are likely the same reasons the next person will want to live there.

Good photography creates a visual arguement that can create an emotional connection between your buyers and your property.

Sell your property for more money

So how does all this help us sell our property for more money? Put simply, the more people you have interested in your property the more likely you are to achieve or exceed your asking price.

If there’s 3 parties interested in your property and they know about each other, it’s likely they’ll put in offers for at least, if not above your asking price.

Complete more quickly

Almost everybody property hunting searches online before contacting an Estate Agent. Imagine this is your buyer’s search:

Search location: Feock
Search radius: 15 miles
Bedrooms 3-4
Price £700,000 – £1,000,000

This search at the time of writing this article July (2019) offers 98 results. This is a lot of properties to search through. Making sure your property stand out from the competition to key to generating interest and getting viewings.

Look at the below listing lead images. Which one would make you arrange a viewing?

Listing 1
Your listing leads with an incredible aerial photograph showing your property bathed in sunlight and nestled within the beautiful local landscape.

Listing 2
Your listing leads with a ground level photograph taken on a slightly overcast day from ground level showing your property and none of the surrounding landscape.

Remember your family home

Having a set of photographs either printed or put in a book is a great way to remember all of the time you and your family spent at a that property. If you hire us to photograph your property you print these photographs or we can print them into a coffee table book for you to take on to your next home.