Why don’t Estate Agents take amazing photographs?

Have you seen properties advertised and been shocked at the poor quality of some of the photos? Estate Agents pictures in Cornwall range from terrible to mediocre. Not once have I seen an Estate Agent produce property images that are on the same level as a professional property photographer. Let’s have a look at why Estate Agents generally take bad photographs.


Estate Agents are busy people. They have houses to sell and new clients to attract. They don’t have time to spend hours photographing your house and then more hours later perfecting the photos on their computer.


Would you ask an Electrician to replace your boiler? Probably not. While they may be able to do it, it would not be to the same standard as a plumber who does this work every day.

The best property photographers specialise in property photography or architectural photography, just like an electrician will specialise in commercial or domesticwork. When people ask me to photograph a wedding, I honestly reply “I can photograph your wedding but you would be better off with a photographer who specialises in wedding photography”.


Using a top of the range camera is essential for making amazing images. We use the Sony A7R III (£2899) which is one of Sony’s flagships. However, skills and experience are more important in creating amazing photographs.


Having a high-quality wide angle lens is the most important piece of equipment for photographing property. Low quality lenses are not sharp, produce dull photographs and will feature distortion. Professional wide angle lenses are £1300 and up.

Lighting is used to fill in dark areas of a room or add a bit of drama to a room. Often Estate Agents will put a flash on top of their camera and point it at the ceiling. This normally results in a horrible bright circle of light directly above the camera – this is easy to spot and a sign of the Estate Agent’s poor ability to use their equipment.


Another piece of equipment that is really important but is seldom thought about, even among Photographers is the monitor. Why spend so much money on camera equipment and then not be able to accurately view your photographs?

Cheap monitors use low quality components which are fine for general use but fall short when it comes to accurate contrast and colour reproduction. Why is this important? If you have underexposed your photos but your monitor is too bright then they will look normal. Then when you use the photos, for the majority of people, they will be too dark.

Professional monitors again are not cheap and start around £550.

The minimum setup cost for making good property photographs, excluding training is £6000. Ask your Estate Agent how much they have invested in their ‘photographer’.

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