Property Photography for Home Owners

Everything you need to know to get the best possible photographs for launching your property on the market.

Why Use A Property Photographer?

Higher Sale Price

Was it the view across the Helford at high tide? Maybe it was the spacious balcony for summer BBQ’s? Perhaps it was the vast landscape atop a cliff with no one in sight. Whatever the reason, it’s likely your decision to buy your current property was based largely on emotion.

The majority of Estate Agents in Cornwall are not experienced property photographers and sadly, even with the latest equipment, they often fall short of being able to create stunning images that resonate with buyers emotions. Look at an Estate Agent’s portfolio and ask yourself, will their photographs do my property justice?

The bigger the emotional draw to a property the more a potential buyer will be willing to pay. Furthermore, the more people interested in a property the more likely you are to get your asking price, or even above.

Sell Your Property Faster

Most sellers look for their next property before putting their current home on the market. If your property takes just a month too long to sell you could find yourself missing out. 

The next time you look on a property website or brochure, take notice of what your eyes are drawn to first. Nine times out of ten it’s going to be the ‘lead’ or ‘hero’ image of the property. This image needs to evidence the main selling point of the property. It could be an aerial photograph of the property bathed in sunlight, with the tide gently lapping the property’s private beach access. Or it could be a twilight shot of the property and garden.

Regardless of what the photo shows, it needs to be strong and persuasive. By maximising the number of people interested in the property you increase your chances of selling quickly.


The majority of business who offer products or services to home owners talk about ‘properties’ but the reality is these are homes with memories attached to them. It is the relationships, events and time spent with friends and family that make a ‘property’ into a home.

To help the sellers we work with remember the time they have spent their home, we offer a book printing service where you can choose photographs to be printed onto the pages of a high-quality coffee table book. This service is still in its infancy but if you’re interested let us know and we can provide further details.


What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

We recently decided to put our property on the market, and we were put in touch with James by our estate agent. We have bought and sold many properties over the years, but have never used a professional photographer before.

One of the most significant selling aspects of our property is its location, and James’ images more than did this justice, showing not just a general view of the river but a different aspect of this view from just about every room in the house on all three levels.

We could not have asked for more, and were completely delighted with the final photos. The property sold in under 4 weeks. We couldn’t be happier with our investment.

Robert and Sandra Cowie


I was recommended James Lorne by a close friend who works in the property industry at the begining of summer. James visited the property for a survey and gave his recommendations.

James recognised that because the property was West facing it needed to be photographed in the afternoon and on a fair day which is exactly that we were thinking. He also recommended that we ‘dissapear’ some of our possessions inside the house to de-pesonalise the space for potential buyers.

Even though our property was priced well beneath some of the properties our Estate Agent was selling, it looked so much better than all of them. We had a lot of interest very quickly and was able to find a buyer in 6 weeks.

Rachel and James McDonough


Recent Property Photography in Cornwall

Property Presentation

We have compiled a free guide on preparing your property which you can download to view or print. The guide covers each room of the house. If there’s anything not covered you can always ask James for further information.

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