Property Photography Pricing

Sell your property quickly and for more money with persuasive property photography

What’s included?


I am amazed at the number of homeowners who allow photographers to photograph their properties on overcast and wet days.

A recent trend is adding blue skies to mask a grey sky. While this does hide the grey sky, the rest of the image looks lifeless and flat.

Photography Survey

A remote survey allows me to schedule the best time of day for the property exteriors to be photographed.

If the property is next to the coast it also allows me to determine what state of the tide would be advantageous.

A survey will also reveal the surrounding area of the property and indicate any opportunities for these to incorporated into the main listing image.


Low Aerial Images

Elevated photographs are a great way to show your property and its surroundings as well as any views. I use a 9 meter high pole which can be setup in seconds.


* Aerial/Drone Image availability are subject to drone operating regulations outlined by the CAA

Service Time Breakdown

Remote Survey & Scheduling – 1 Hour
Travel ~ 1 Hour
Decluttering ~ 0.5 hours
Styling ~ 1 Hour
Photography 2-6 Hours
Editing 2-6 Hours

How much are you paying per hour?

1 Bed = 8 hours = £175 / 8 = £21.87 ph
2 Bed = 9.5 hours = £225 / 9 = £25.00 ph
3 Bed = 13.5 hours = £300 / 13.5 = £22.00 ph

– Travel @ £0.45 per mile 30*0.45